Welcome to My Wildlife Africa

An owner run ONE STOP SERVICE business with a professional and highly experienced team ”dedicated to uncompromised service”  striving always to arrange fair deals between buyers and sellers based on sound business principles.

My Wildlife Africa teams work nationally as  well as internationally and partner with highly professional, well established and experienced Wildlife breeders, veterinarians, game capture teams and service providers.

We pride ourselves in efficiently and professionally assisting and arranging on behalf of our clients:

  • Mass Boma / Net Captures
  • Chemical Capture (darting) and Net gunning
  • Passive Capture
  • Wildlife transport and documentation for relocation of all wildlife species
  • DNA tests
  • Professional and sound advice to existing as well as upcoming game breeders with the establishment /management of breeding projects.

My Wildlife Africa is registered with WRSA, WTA and are Registered Game traders offering buyers, sellers and service providers the peace of mind of working with a reputable, well-established national company

About Us

MY WILDLIFE AFRICA founder and owner Vivienne Acton Thompson started out her career studying law and worked for a number of years in the corporate world both throughout S.A and internationally in Africa.

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Game Wanted

We have a high demand for quality Hunting Bulls and Rams of all Wildlife species.
Currently Looking for:Buffalo Hunting Bulls, Sable hunting Bulls…

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We arrange and coordinate various types of Game Captures.
Chemical Capture, Mass and Net Gun Capture, Passive Capture, Game Counts.

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