About My Wildlife Africa


MY WILDLIFE AFRICA founder and owner Vivienne Acton Thompson started out her career studying law and worked for a number of years in the corporate world both throughout S.A and internationally in Africa.

Many years ago Vivienne began working with some of the most experienced Game Capturers and Top Breeders in the country. Her passion for the industry grew as she learnt from these Wildlife gurus most of them with between 30 to 50 years of diverse experience of the Wildlife industry.

 After many years in the Wildlife industry armed not only with legal and business knowledge but also with a hands on deep and intense understanding of every aspect of the Wildlife industry the dream of MY WILDLIFE AFRICA was born and Vivienne used her expertise and knowledge successfully establishing and managing leading Game farms and breeding facilities in S.A.

My Wildlife Africa has continued to grow and develop rapidly over the years but the focus of Vivienne and her team in sourcing and selecting top quality rare and exotic wildlife nationally to improve genetics for some of the leading breeders in S.A as well as to assist farmers in selecting and purchasing the best game available at the best prices possible with integrity and transparency remain unchanged

My Wildlife Africa is involved in Investment breeding programmes around the country of Matetsi Sable, Buffalo, Njala, Bushbuck, high quality Springbuck and small species and is able to offer investors or those who like Vivienne have a passion for wildlife an opportunity to get involved and make their dreams come true!!